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Made from scratch using whole ingredients!
What is Kubis and Kale?

What is Kubis and Kale?

Kubis & Kale, wholesome food prepped from scratch using whole high quality ingredients , made accessible for all. Founded in 2019, been shaking the nutritious food scene ever since. We believe the impact of healthy dietary habits in one’s lifestyle thus our mission is to make eating well fuss-free for all our customers.


Aaron Lim, the founder of Kubis & Kale, together with the rest of the team is obsessed with breaking the stigma of dull boring healthy food and offering variation for the vegan scene. Assimilating the inspirations of healthy food from the global scene and breaking it down to suits the local Malaysian taste buds. It has been transformative, customers have been hooked to our food after giving it ago, a lot have became our regulars. This result is something that the team is striving for.


Why Kubis & Kale? We practice what we truly stand for: Simple, seasonal and wholesome food. We work with agriculture experts who pioneered the Carbon Vegetation, locally sourcing all our greens that are served in our bowls. To really be on top of the game, we collaborate with certified dietician to ensure that each food in the menu fulfill the nutrients chart. This doesn’t stop here, because of the team’s passion and vision, we’re humbled to keep searching and learning to bring the food scene to greater heights.


Pokébowl & Super Food- What's the Difference?

Inspired by the Hawaiian poké bowl, we added a little twist to the bowl, instilling the local flavors to cater to the Malaysian’s taste buds. The very first Hawaiian poké is as basic as it could be, made up of a rice base, cubed raw salmon or tuna and soy sauce. Here in Kubis & Kale, we’ve decided to add in extra components to make poké a well-balanced meal. Our poké bowls are customizable- with a multitude of bases, protein, toppings, sides and sauce.


Superfood bowl is known as the warm bowl or the cooked bowl for the non-raw food dieters. Superfood are foods that are nutritionally dense but contains minimal calories. Ideal for people that are watching their calories intake and ticking off the nutrition chart at the same time. Base, sauce, sides, toppings and protein in a bowl, customizable according to your own liking and preference.



Veganism, a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose - defined by the Vegan Society. The vegan community has grown bigger the past few years in Malaysia but the options and choices in meal have been relatively limited. Kubis & Kale aims to make vegan diet convenient, accessible and easy for all even from home. Not only that, we strive to make vegan products well-balanced so that consumers can fulfill the nutrition pyramid just like a normal diet. We also believe that we could break the stereotypical view on vegan food being perceived as bland and dull. Checking all the boxes for your ultimate 1st vegan food choice in Malaysia: delicious, wholesome and healthful. All packed ingredients sold are attached with instructions to ensure an exact same in-store taste that you would experience.